Recline, Read, Sleep, Sweat

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Zum Oberjäger and the entire Schloss ensemble are a place where you can confidently leave your watch back in your room. Slowing down the pace of life, the grounds invite us to spend the entire day occupied by things that will recharge our batteries. Be that reading beneath a shady tree, dozing on a sunbed, airing out your thoughts amid the broad park grounds, or even perhaps sweating in the outdoor sauna.


Developed and built by architecture students at Graz University of Technology, this represents the ideal counterbalance to the stresses of daily life. A selection of fragrant oils promotes deep relaxation during the sauna session. Once the sweating is over, a bucket shower and additional spa showers will cool you down nicely. Recliners and a refreshing beverage then encourage you to spend time relaxing amid the verdant grounds. The sauna is open by reservation from 11 AM until 7 PM.

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